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A-12 Avenger II

The McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics A-12 Avenger II was a proposed attack aircraft. The program was cancelled after the expenditure of approximately $5 billion and the aircraft never reached production. In 1983,

BT-13 Valiant

BT-13s were seen all around North Texas during World War Two as a pilot training aircraft. Manufacturer:   Vultee Aircraft Little information exists on the history of this

F-111E Aardvark

The Fort Worth Aviation Museum’s F-111E was Air Force serial number 68-0009. It was constructed by General Dynamics (c/n A1-178, E-19) here in Fort Worth, Texas. It is there where it received it’s nickname

F-14D Tomcat

Perhaps the most widely recognized Navy fighter thanks to its starring role in Top Gun, the F-14 Tomcat served as an advanced interceptor and air superiority fighter, capable

F-5E Tiger II

This Northrop F-5E Tiger II served in the US Navy as an “Aggressor” adversary aircraft. Its two-tone brown and tan desert “Tiger Stripe” camouflage with a red star on


The U.S. Navy began a program in the mid-1970s to develop a multirole aircraft to replace aging A-4 Skyhawks, the A-7 Corsairs, and F-4 Phantoms. General Dynamics proposed the YF-16 and Northrop the YF-17. The Navy

O-1 Bird Dog

Cessna L-19 or O-1 Bird Dog, Army / Air Force Serial No. 51-16963, c/n 22840, Model 305A, was assigned to a National Guard unit. Following 4,706 hours of military

O-2A Skymaster

Known as the “Oscar Deuce” or “The Duck,” the O-2 is a military version of the Cessna 337 Super Skymaster. The Cessna Aircraft Company of Wichita, Kansas, built and sold a

OH-58 Kiowa

This is one of three helicopters at FWAM and one of two that can travel on a trailer for exhibits, display, parades, or educational events.  Contact us at info@ftwaviation.com

QF-4S Phantom II

This plane flew combat in Vietnam and was aboard the “America” when 333 earned the only Marine Mig kill. McDonnell Douglas QF-4S BuPer 153821, now known as “Shamrock 201”

RF-8 Crusader

The Fort Worth Aviation Museum’s Vought F8U-1P – later redesignated a RF8-G — Crusader, Navy Bureau of Aeronautics No. 146898, was built in 1960 in Grand Prairie, Texas. The aircraft was

T-37 Tweet

This is one of the most prominent trainer aircraft used by the US Air Force. The T-37 is a twin-engine primary trainer used for teaching the fundamentals of jet

TA-4J Skyhawk

The TA-4J is a two-seat trainer version of the Skyhawk that provided advanced training for Navy and Marine Corps pilots. The Douglas TA-4J was the two seat trainer version of the A-4 Skyhawk.555

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