Our Mission

The mission of the Fort Worth Aviation Museum (FWAM) is, “Giving Wings to Youth and Community through our Aviation Roots.”

We are dedicated to our core values of PRESERVATION, INSPIRATION, and EDUCATION

Our Vision

To celebrate and showcase the people and aviation accomplishments of North Texas, in a museum and science center that can preserve and display our heritage,  educate our community, and inspire our young people to stay in school and achieve their full potential.  Our plans for this expansion can be found in the following document.

FWAM Initiative - 2019-0131 Final

What We Believe

The Fort Worth Aviation Museum (FWAM), is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of aviation in Fort Worth, the North Texas region, and around the world. Includes museum exhibits and an airpark of 28 airplanes.

Our facility also includes the OV-10 Bronco Association along with the Forward Air Controllers Museum and the B-36 Peacemaker Museum.

The OV-10 Bronco Association is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the Boeing OV-10 Bronco and the people who designed, built, flew and maintained the aircraft from inception to the present. The association has two OV-10 aircraft and maintains a comprehensive data bank of the history of the Bronco community. It also provides recognition and support to all past and current contributors, suppliers and operators of the aircraft. The OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc. was established in 1998 in Colleyville, TX.

The Founders: Jim Hodgson, Jimmy Graham, Ron Fix, Mike Richardson, Chuck Burin, Tom Skutca, Mike Whaley. Not pictured, Jack Ballard.

The Forward Air Controller’s Museum , housed at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum preserves and promotes the history and heritage of Forward Air Controllers, both ground and airborne, of all eras and countries through educational programs and displays.

The B-36 Peacemaker Museum , with display space at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and heritage of the B-36 Peacemaker aircraft and the people who manufactured and operated it. The majority of the B-36 Peacemaker Museum’s collection resides in the Archives at the Fort Worth Public Library.

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Each class will consist of a lecture and a coordinated exercise, allowing children to participate and use the information that they are learning.
  • S: Exploring Aerodynamics and plane design.
  • T: Discovering the history of aircraft development and testing distances of different types of airplanes.
  • E: Studying the production of critical components designed for fighter jet aircraft and designing a safe capsule module for precious cargo.
  • M: Learning the math required to plot a flight navigation route on a map.

Fort Worth Aviation Museum Directors

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