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In the1980s, General Dynamics helped develop a new stealth attack aircraft called the A-12 “Avenger II” (nicknamed “The Flying Dorito”). That project was cancelled in 1991. All that remains is a full-scale aircraft mockup on loan to the museum from the City of Fort Worth. Since 1991, it has been stored out-of-doors and is deteriorating. We need a shelter to protect this one-of-a-kind artifact. Your tax-deductible contributions are helping preserve this significant piece of aviation history for our community and future generations. Our goal last year was to raise $40,000 for a shelter. With the matching funds grant, we hoped to raise $20,000 for this project. We have raised $8,000, but still need help in matching the remaining $12,000 on the grant to complete this project.

Donations of $500 or more include a complimentary membership and all benefits.

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