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The Texas Aviation STEM Magazine is intended for adults, (teachers, parents and industry professionals) to use as a resource to introduce students and young people to the STEM concepts, career paths and opportunities in Texas and beyond. It is packed with great information, interactive graphics, and fun articles related to STEM and aviation.

The eMagazine is a collaboration by STEM Magazine, Alliance Air Show Productions, Flypaths, Frontiers of Flight Museum and Fort Worth Aviation Museum. We look forward to distributing the magazine free to schools through social media and websites. See if your area parent teachers assoc. will help get the word out.

The eMagazine cost $6,000 per year to publish. Please consider a donation to help us continue to provide the valuable STEM education resource to parents, teachers, and the students of Texas and beyond. Your donation will be recognized in future issues of the Texas Aviation STEM Magazine.

Thank you for your support.

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